Mark Carpenter Executive Profile

Our owner Mark Carpenter was featured in the Portland Business Journal Executive Profile_MG_0542_jpg_600x600_q85


Title: President

Organization: Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal

Background: Been Working for 32 years in the construction industry, including 29 years in the roofing industry.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Portland State University, 1975.

Residence: Tigard

Business Philosophy

Essential business philosophy: Provide the best value proposition for the customer and deliver it!

Best way to keep competitive: Always look internally for training, education and values.

Guiding principle: Do what you say and if something is incorrect, fix it quickly.

Yardstick of success: Seeing the succession of values, family, business and friends’ activities to the next generation.

Goal yet to be achieved: Run a 4 hour marathon. My closest was 4:07.

Judgement Calls

Best Business Decision: To start Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal.

Worst business decision: I don’t look back except to learn from a mistake, so when a poor decision is made, I get the most out of it and move on.

Toughest business decision: Long term financial planning with trust in the assumptions and the execution based on the assumptions.

Biggest missed opportunity: Failure to quickly recognize the value of data as an emerging technology in the roofing industry.

Mentors: Robert Ames, Monte Shelton, and Robert F. Sterns.

Word that best describes you: I enjoy life, the relationships and the business.

True Confessions

Like best about the job: Relationships and the mentoring of younger people.

Like least abut the job: Termination of employees who do not fit.

Pet peeves: Not being on a strong path and meeting deadlines

Most important lesson learned: Picking the correct customer that fits my values.

Person most interested in meeting: Lord March.

Most respected competitor: Snyder Roofing.

Greatest Passions: Snow skiing, vintage racing and long distance running.

First choice for a new career: Male model, or not!


Favorite quote: “Life is hard; it is harder if you are stupid”- John Wayne, or”The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”- Albert Einstein.

Most influential book: “Good to Great” by Jim Collins; best read: “The Immortal 2.9,” by Simon Moore.

Favorite websites: Anamera and eBay.

Favorite cause: Supporting charities in the elder care business for both residence and for education.

Favorite movie: “World’s Fastest Indian” with Anthony Hopkins

Favorite music/musician: Van Morrison and Junior Brown.

Most treasured possession: Family and friends.

Favorite restaurant: Mangy Moose in Teton Village, Wyo.

Favorite vacation spot: The Top Ranch on Camas Creek, Idaho.

Favorite way to spend free time: Running, Skiing, and playing with cars.