Roof Report- Downtown Self Storage

AWSDowntown Self Storage 2016 project likely to extend 38-year-old roof’s life

‘Columbia Roof Advantage’ expected to give roof another decade

                Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, a leading specialty roofing contractor in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California, wants to help its commercial roofing clients keep their rooftops in tiptop shape by following simple, yet structured ongoing maintenance program.  This program, unique to Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, is also about sustainability.

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal President Mark Carpenter said one of the best examples of his company’s program – the Columbia Roof Advantage – is the roof project at AWS Downtown Self Storage, located at 1304 NW Johnson St. in Portland and completed on Sept. 9. Carpenter said he has worked with the building’s owner Al Solheim for nearly two decades.  Solheim is a Pearl District property owner in Portland.

“Columbia has placed this roof in the Gold level of Columbia Roof Advantage service,” Carpenter said. “This is a twice-a-year service of cleaning, inspecting, fixing minor issues, and write a report on upgrades needed along with other building components that effect the performance of the roof.”

The Columbia Roof Advantage is deeply entrenched in the culture at the Tualatin-Oregon based commercial roofing company. The program goes beyond a commitment to superior customer service; it’s also about sustaining the roof for as long as possible.

Solheim said Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal is a vendor he can depend on.

“I think that Mark took a real interest in helping us sustain the life of the roof on our 100-year-old building,” he said. “Roofs with TLC last like anything you stay reasonably on top of – it will respond.  A lot of commercial roofs are flat and they require a different level of care.  It’s more challenging; Mark’s company does a good job dealing with those challenges.”

Each year, Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, services about 10 million square feet of roofs, which is equal to 230 acres every year. The Downtown Self Storage project is a great example of this quality service and its sustainability efforts.

“This roof will be on the building protecting people’s personal belongings with a water-tight roof,” Carpenter noted. “It is the pinnacle of sustainability; keeping what is in place working and not throwing a roof away or buying a new one.  Success with protecting both the environment and the economic value of the roof and the building.”

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