NAIOP Bur Tour on September 15th

The NAIOP Bus Tour was a highly uplifting event that offered Columbia some excellent exposure in the world of Commercial Property Management. It was a genuinely fun and educational event. There were three different buses touring 27 locations throughout the Sunset Corridor. The tour began and ended at the Cornell Oaks Corporate Center. I decided to ride on two different buses in order to get the most out of the opportunities to meet people. The tour guides were very informative and enjoyable, always keeping things light and fun, yet truly educational.

There were refreshments and food offered along the way, which kept everyone relaxed and in good spirits. The tour made two extended stops. One at the Synopsys Technology Park where we listened to an excellent presentation on Intel’s new D1X plant currently being constructed and the other at the Amber Glen Corporate Center where we had further networking opportunities while enjoying a tastefully-catered fare. The tour concluded back at the Cornell Oaks Corporate Center where we had yet another great opportunity to mingle while enjoying some delicious hors d’oeuvres. This was a truly pleasant and educational event that offered valuable networking opportunities. I look forward to going next year!